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"The Mr. Charcol Animation" and
"The Mauricio's Puppet Commercial Animation"

Puppet Performances in Canada:

Channel 47 TV
Canadian National Exhibition
The Inti Raymi Festival
CityHall of North York
The First Children'sToronto Festival
Toronto East General Hospital
Access Alliance Health Centre
Telelatino Network Television
Toronto Board of Education
Folklore Latinoamericano
Jerry supermarket
VacationAir Co.
Colo-Colo Chilean Club
Sunshine Foundation
La Cumparsita Restaurant
10th Latin-American Festival
Our Lady of the Rosary School
M.L. Square
St. Aloysius School
The Scott Mission
North York Board Library
Co-operative Arauco
Bickford Park School
Noha’s Natural Foods
Classic Entertainment Co.
Radio Station CHIN
The Christy Pits Parks
Lawson & Mardon Co.
The Hospital for Sick Children
Friend Service Comm.
Working Women’s Community Ctr.
Civic Centre Ottawa
Catholic Bureau & St. Peter Church
Triumph Hotel
The Friendly Greek Restaurant
Etienne Brule School
Scadding Court Comm. Centre
Marisels Bakery
Nathan Philip Square (City Hall)
Humber College
Downsview Board Library
Scarborough Board Library
East York Board Library
Our Lady Guadalupe Church

"The Magician Puppet Show"

Special Puppets Projects in Canada:

-Creator of "Earthy the Planet", The Environmental Character,
Canada, as well as puppet performances in East York parks.
-T.V. Puppet Productions for Telelatino Network Television with
"The Happy Pirolón and His Friends",
for the "Fables of The Green Forest", Canada.
-Special puppet performance on airplane for sick children traveling to
Orlando, Florida organized by The Sunshine Foundation.
-Special participation with "Piro(Pirolón), TheHappy Pirolón and His Friends"
on Telelatino Telethon, in aid of the earthquake victims in Ecuador.
-Also featured on Channel 47, Lions Club Telethon, and CHIN Radio Station programs.
-Organizer and Coordinator of puppet shows, colouring books and posters for
The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.
-Organizer and Coordinator of puppet shows, colouring books and posters
for Sick Children in the Toronto East General Hospital.
-Organizer and Coordinator of Puppet community programs on Danforth Avenue
(Coxwell & Greenwood)with "The Glutton" and "The Magician", Canada.

The Happy Pirolón Puppet.

International Puppet Performances:

Over 2,000 Puppet Performances throughout Central America, Mexico, USA and Canada.

"Paquito" The Puppet.

Artistic and Professional Activities in El Salvador:

-Founder and Director of The Theater Workshop and Puppets T.V. Productions in El Salvador.
-Director and Instructor for Health Puppet Project of the Ministry of Health in El Salvador.
-Also creator and producer of ten health stories with puppet shows promoting various projects for the Ministry of Health.
Also designed and created all characters and made the puppets for all of his stories.
-Retained by Ministry of Education, National Theater of El Salvador, World Organization for the
Education of Kindergarten Children, United Nations Development Programs.
-Producer, Director, Author, and Performer of a number of dramatic entertainment projects
produced for: books,theater, radio, newspapers and television programs.
-Notable amongst these were "The Magician", "The Glutton", "A Little Story of Karate",
Piro(Pirolón), The Happy Caterpillar and His Friends", "Monte Chiquito"(TV Program), and
"The Christmas Club Whith, The Happy Pirolón and His Friends"(TV Program).

"Taca-Taca", The Hand Puppet.

Workshops and Special Projects In El Salvador:

Presented workshops on puppeteering for The National University and other universities,
Schools, Communities, Farmer Programs, and various cultural centers in El Salvador.
As well as the activities noted in the paragraph above, he has designed, made, and produced
stage settings, props, sculptures, song, & music and drawings related to these productions.
In addition, he has created and produced educational collections of stories & colouring books
based on the characters in the stories: "The Happy Pirolón and his Friends".
Has presented productions, and workshops in schools, community centers, charitable organizations, libraries,
universities, theaters,farms associations, social clubs, and special educational institutions, amongst others.

"Pirolon and Pirolina, his Girlfriend"

"The Charcoal Animation"

"The Mauricio's Puppet Commercial - Animation"
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"Pipo" The Kid Puppet.


Cartoons Characters, Puppets Characters, Artworks, Scripts, Music, Books, Designs,
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