Canadian Licensed Products:

With "The Happy Pirolón and His Friends":
Greetings Cards & Gift Paper.

Promotional Items: Calendars, stickers, colouring books, and posters, etc.

With "The Dinostars": Valentine's products and wrapping paper.

English Valentine Cards

French Valentine Cards

With "The Golden Design and Symbols Collection"(Souvenir
and Fashion Designs): Printed metal products.

America Licensed Products:

Licenses for Manufacturers in America with
"The Happy Pirolón and His Friends":

T-shirts, pencils, diapers, sheets, emblems, tablecloths, towels, bags,handbags, notebooks,
textiles, colouring books, buttons, calendars, stickers, rulers, children's clothes, etc.

Pirolón Animation

The Pirolon and Mr. Charcol Funny Space Trip - Animation
(This is a large Animation File, it may take some time to load on slower connections.)


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