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" The Happy Pirolón and His Friends - Animation"

1."The Happy Pirolón and His Friends".

Cover of "Adventure in Outer Space" from the
Coloring Book Series "The Adventures of Pirolón".

Creator, Designer, Writer and Director of the Educational and Funny Collection of Stories and Colouring Books titled:
"The Adventures of The Happy Pirolón and His Friends".

Art Works for Canadian Licensed Products with "The Happy Pirolón and His Friends":
Greetings Cards & Gift Paper.

Art Works for "The Happy Pirolón and His Friends" Promotional Items:
Calendars, Stickers, Colouring Books, and Posters, etc.

2.Creator and Designer of "The Dinostars".

Licensed Products in English and French:
Valentine Products

3.Creator and Designer of "Earthy" The Planet, The Ecological Character.

Earthy The Planet

4.Creator, Designer and Writter of The Little Mountain, Educational TV Program.
Produced by: The Educational TV Station in 1983.

Peter the Sportman, Alex the Artist, Rosie the Ecologist
They are some characters of The Little Moutain

Alex, "From The Little Mountain"

"The Happy Pirolón and His Friends - Animation"
(This is a large Animation File, it may take some time to load on slower connections.)

5.Creator and Designer of "The Golden Design and Symbols Collection" (Souvenir and Fashion Designs).

Licensed Products: Printed Metal Products

Piro with Tity the Turtle and Fred the Aligator


Cartoons Characters, Puppets Characters, Artworks, Scripts, Music, Books, Designs,
Video & TV, Computer Productions and Projects, have all been copyrighted.

My Business Cards

Cover of "Adventures of the Sea" from from the
coloring book series "The Adventurs of Pirolon".

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