Creative Artist, Multimedia, TV & Film Post Production,
Micro Computer Software Specialist,
Animator, Graphic Designer, Cartoonist and Puppeteer.
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Computer & Classic Animator, Graphic Web-Site Designer & GIF Animation Specialist.
Knowledgeable Video/Sound Editor and Power Point Presentation Specialist.
Experienced Projects Developer and Promoter.
Bi-lingual in Spanish and English.
Own computer and software.

Trebas Institute(Canada):

TV & Film Post-Production Diploma.

Post-Production Edit Programs:
Final Cut Pro
Pro Tools
Adobe Premiere 5.1
Sound Forge 4
After Effects 4.0
Video Linear

Multimedia Interactive Specialist Diploma.

Multimedia Interactive Computer Programs:
Adobe PhotoShop 7
Corel Draw 9
Adobe Premiere 5.1
Sound Forge 4
HomeSite Allaire 3.2
MS Power Point
Dreamweaver 5
GIF Animator 4.0
MS Office 2000
MS Windows 95-98
HP Scanner & CD Burner

Alta Data Computer College(Canada):

Micro-Computer Software Specialist Diploma.

MS Office 2000
MS Windows 98

Professional Canadian Experience:

Creator and Designer of The Happy Pirolón Character -
for Greeting Cards, Wrapping Paper and Colouring Books.
Creator and Designer of The Dinostars for Valentines' Products.
Creator, Designer of The Golden Design and Symbols Collection
(Souvenir and Fashion Designs): Printed Metal Products.
Puppet TV Producer - Telelatino / Channel 47.
Puppet Performances with: The Happy Pirolón and His Friends
at Canadian National Exhibition , Harbourfront, numerous TV and
Radio Stations, Schools, Libraries, Parks, Restaurants, Charity
Organizations, Community Centers and hospitals.
Owner of Stories, Puppets, Cartoons, Designs, Music, Logos, Projects and Artworks.

Interviews and TV Productions
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Special Events:

Canadian Toy and Decoration Fair at Metro Toronto Convention Center.
Juvenile Products,"Kidswear"(Canadian Exposition & Conference Center.
Coordinator and Director of Children and Family Entertainment Events.
International Licensing Show in New York.

Cover of "Adventure at the Circus" from the
Coloring Book Series "The Adventurs of Pirolon".


Cartoons Characters, Puppets Characters, Artworks, Scripts, Music, Books, Designs,
Video & TV, Computer Productions and Projects, have all been copyrighted.

The Mauricio's Puppets UFO
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English and Spanish.


Contact: Mauricio Rivera
Creative Artist & Director

Mr. Projects
P.O. Box 568, Station "P"
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M5S 2T1
Phone: (416) 462-0386
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